Dafremen Something In Between(Two Chips Ahoy Cookies)
R. Dafremen

Sat down to describe
The love, the feel, the vibe between us
And I'm failing miserably
Thought I knew so well
The you I had to tell
Guess everything about you
Took the words from me

That's the thing about you
Its something you can't hide
Something that's inside of you
Brings out the best in me
It's not just physical
Not quite ethereal
In fact it's alot like something in between

That's the thing about you
Like if I'm staring from behind
You'd cross your eyes stick out your tongue
Say I'm dumb, and gimme that little grin
"So what if I'm a sucker for
A perfect walk" I'll say
Make you blush for a second anyway
Maybe make you want to stay

And that's the thing about you
Sometimes you'll run away
Not say a word, just go away
Later asking where I've been
It's like you push and pull
And what's so incredible
Is that I haven't lost my mind
Though my heart went long ago
Oh, and so you know
My life's been beautiful since I met you
And I'm glad I met you
Yea..that's the thing about you.
what's it to you?
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