z after witnessing (and sometimes taking part in) some disagreement about what blather is (and is not) it occurred to me to ask the question "what is blather?"

it must be something different to everyone who uses it. indeed it is mostly defined by it's use and so changes each day. i am humbled on some days, disgusted, uninterested, delighted, shocked and warmed on others. indeed i am confronted with such unexpected variety each day that i cannot really say what blather is. i only know that i am grateful for that variety. even what i dislike about it stimulates reaction.

sometimes it is:

a stage
a soapbox
a library
experimental writing
the corner bar of the global village
the analyst's couch
art in action
witness to history
a critical forum
a salon
group therapy
an explosion at the idea factory

i do not relish all of these. i am, however, glad that it is both a mirror and a window.
z blather, that is. 051205
andru235 blather_as_a_public_forum

(z ~ i know you feel that "forum" is among the words_that_have_lost_their_meaning, but i feel like here, forum has finally found itself!)

(as in "forum" def. 2, n. : a public site for open discussion;)

(plus yelling, trading, chanting, babbling, lyricising, exorcising, fantasizing, ranting, teasing, comforting, jesting, bantering, gabbing, recanting, arguing, proselytizing, wondering, asking, answering ... in short, blathering)

andru235 * after all, 99% of the other internet forums require one "to pass through a gate" to enter. here, there are no blather_stiles !!! 051205
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