ever dumbening carve a chunk of the landscape--win or lose. sit with the arbor council. pick a path, pick a wall, pick a vine, and paint a forced vision within. reflect on the water, on the sound, of the frog-loud creek. follow the unseen source, i swear it'll come naturally one day. 030407
birdmad experience is the pad and paper, some of the things and people we encounter are fully formed images, others are outlines, some in pencil, some in pen

a few rough strokes, fragments of ideas, like an incomplete sentence.
ever dumbening torn from a book and given as a gift, another piece drifts out, another seed. 031201
ever dumbening a twenty-minute flower brings a genuine smile. radiance begets radiance, from childlike cheeks and beautiful deep brown eyes full of time. 031208
Shattered Sketches of you. Drawing your smile and beautiful eyes. Painting pictures of a happy family in my mind.

You have been carved into my heart and soul and there you will stay forever.
a clever disguise thanks to () for reminding me that it had been waaaayyyy to long since I last listened to this album.

Oh, Jeff, why'd you have to go so damn early?
what's it to you?
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