splinken Two summers ago, these kids I know lived on 7th street in a big white house with columns and a huge porch.

There was a balcony, too.

The kids called their neighbors The Korean Family Next Door. The Korean Family Next Door put a tire swing on the big tree between the two houses. Sometimes lanky-limbed boys from our side would hang upside down from the swing. The Korean Family Next Door watched. They didn't laugh.

The Korean Family Next Door saw me undressed on many occasions. I'd sleep over, and change in the front bedroom. I always forgot that there was no curtain.

Those kids left that house. Someone threw a coffee table at someone else, and everyone moved out. These indie-rock kids live there now. They've turned it into a frat-house of sorts.

This morning I drove past the big house: formerly The Happiness Hotel, now The Haunted Mansion. A very young member of The Korean Family Next Door was waiting for her schoolbus. She was sitting on the tire swing. She had on a pink pullover that matched her headband.
Her heels dug into the dirt as she pushed herself back and forth.
Brad Ah the indie-rock frat-house... strangely, such anecdotes make me miss that town. 000929
j_blue i have a brother there 000929
Brad in Hattiesburg or Seoul, Jblue? 000929
j_blue seoul 000929
d has been visited by the 5-year old me and the 11-year old me. 000930
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