silentbob And Down We Fall

The Tears i Cry for you

i remember a time, when you didn't seem to care
i remember when 110 used to be ok
why'd you do this to your self why'd you do this to me
cause in the end I love you

I encourage you not to throw it all away but if you do
i'll be their to hold up your hair, i said it before i'll say it again
i'll be their to hold your hand

and now that your gone i'll never get the chance
to see you again or tell you again, how much, i love you
blown cherry When I hate myself,
I only hate myself more.

A foul and disgusting mess is what stares back at me from the mirror,
or would if I could even bring myself to look at it,
but I know the useless fuck who I would see,
and I have no wish to be around them just now.
stork daddy like the time i said, "i'll show you, me!" when i was really drunk and proceeded to throw up on my computer to remind me not to get this drunk again. 040401
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