misstree re: letting_go
i can't try to stop you, i see and agree with reasons (this is a bad place to whittle away too many hours while the carnival waits out your front door), but just for the record, i really really like your writing, and i'm sad to see you go.
just had to say.
sameolme Hi! I was really touched when I saw my screen name up there in the blue.
Thanks tree. Just for the record, I think this is a wonderful place to whittle time, but I've whittled too much and now I have too whittle.
I tend to "go overboard" with anything
I like, and the only way I could make room for my new whittle whittlings was to whittle way back on the blurpling.
Whittle away!
Death of a Rose Guess I'll have to do some stalking of you now that you greeted me back to blather.

Doar thanks for the smiles today... 041213
sameolme Thanks for the thanks 041213
Surprised Get out! You're over 50?!? 081205
* *Includes Elaine Bennes-style Shove** 081205
sameolme I am out. 081205
veveb who cares abaut age what i want 2 knoz R U m/f 081205
sameolme no 081206
Kyel Who cares about age, who cares about gender! What I want to know is, are you a fancy-pants kind of guy? 081206
sameolme Nancy Fancy Pants is a dear friend of
ergo Ergo, I am ergo. Just a letter from ego. 090106
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