twiggie being in a big house, the colour pink comes to mind. i don't know if it was the outside or inside. something was pink. and it wasn't fluffy pretty pink, it was gross carnation kind of pink.
i went there with my mom who has no recollection of this...
there was a butler type of person (this really isn't that could've been anyone), and he had this little candy dish filled with frozen peas that he offered me.
we went there after visiting one of my grandmother's old friends, who gave me a teddy bear. i named him grey bear.
i don't care what they say, it wasn't a dream.
unhinged walking into the outpatient place in the hospital it reminded me of when my grandma was in the icu when she first got sick. i don't like all. it made me cry and my mom kept asking me what was wrong but i didn't want to talk. they had an ivy plant hanging on an i.v. stand. i found that ironically hilarious for some reason. ivy, i.v. ....i don't know. it was funny. so sue me. the last thing i remember before i got knocked out was them taping my butt to the table.... 010310
mikey you doing ok Unhinged? 010310
unhinged i'm doing alright
these pills make me a little bit loopy
mikey loopy? yes if your using the word loopy you must therefore be loopy 010310
Aimee My first memory from my life is a sort of bad one.. I have no emotional attachment to it now, but I remember being in a bath tub and feeling really cold and then the next thing I remember was being in the hospital with those suction cup thingy's on me. I told my mom about that a few years ago and she said I was hypothermic or something... kind of a morbid first memory wouldn't you say? 010311
belly fire Dark and Beautiful,
Silent and Ancient,
Sleeping Giants to port,
Faery dust water,
Left behind.
belly fire a memory
can knock me so hard on my ass
that by the sheer weight of it
I can leave smiling for the rest of the day
just to remember the perfection of that one memory
a time or a place
or someone so loved
I'm floored
you'll find everything else is static
and clarity can only be found in memory
Black Argonaut does anyone know that this is a song from "Cats" ? No, i'm not a loser... 030212
guitar_freak My memory is pissing me off. I can't remember anything long-term. It's like what is the point of being at college if I can't remember what I learned last year? It doesn't accumulate. I learn and memorize for exams and get the grades, then it all disappears. Where the hell does it go? I feel like my brain is too full and there is nowhere to put all this shit anymore and so it just squeezes back into the education abyss where it originated. Fuck 031125
unhinged sadly enough, i want my old reality back....

back when my heart wanted to be in the world, not just on it
hopeless i think it comes back to me when i sleep
when i open my eyes its like a dream that you can only remember parts of.
guitar freak i know what you meen i have the same problem only my long term is gone too
silentbob Today i laid a blanket down
in the cemetery
and drank an entire bottle of wine
in memory of us
mon uow afraid
of remembering

afraid of forgetting
exquisiteparadox it wouldn't be the last time we would ignore the glances of people who don't understand the "way we roll"

but it was the first time we experienced the people and narratives that would define our relationship

those episodes got us through the Fight of '05
the losses of our first loves
bad sexual choices
identity crises
hair color dilemmas
and tequila shot night

that's home
on that scratchy blue lobby couch
you sprawled
me "writing a paper"
absent-mindedly playing with your hair

we learned to be witty at parties
deliver a one-liner
fulfill and break stereotypes
and love each
no matter what
no matter how far
no matter how many miles

and it's ok that no one understands
the " way we roll"
faerielord i love you too 081019
brother cu we had gone to the beach. i was about 5 or 6 years old. it was the first time i had seen the beach and i was mesmerized by the first sight of an endless ocean, not fully understanding what it was.
the air was hot and humid. the black volcanic sand burned the soles of my feet but this didn't stop me from running across it towards the crashing waves. i was so small and the ocean was so big. the first time i got caught in a wave, it knocked me down. i remember losing all sense of direction and feeling scared for a split second, water everywhere, sunlight and sand. later on, my mother and i walked along the beach and i remember seeing two fins, side by side in the distance. when i asked my mom about it she told me they were sharks.
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