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fuck all you sellout fuckheads LOS ANGELES (Led Zeppelin Fans Website) - Led Zeppelin raised eyebrows last fall by licensing "Rock And Roll" to Cadillac for a TV commercial campaign for a reportedly "ridiculous" amount of money. It marked the first time that the group entered the ad game and prompted the usual cries of "sellout" from fans.

However, former Zep frontman Robert Plant tells that he finds nothing wrong with using the 31-year-old song in this manner. "I think that's appropriate," he says. "I don't know how people view it, but as far as a young generation goes, if you hear that music in as many possible places as you can outside of the normal home for it, then it can only be a good thing."


Last night when I was going to bed I popped a tape into the VCR to record the Robert Plant concert on PBS. Today when I hit play one of the first things out of his mouth that I heard was how the music industry used to have a conscience. The fucking gall. Fuck you.
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nomatter so original its unbelievable. Who doesn't like led zeppelin? They're incredible. 031002
oldephebe one of the most pure percussive rock and roll bands of all the ages..period

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