white wave being nosey i'm not blatherstalking you, but please paint a picture of this place for us. 040306
z up on a line of hills
beyond a small river (the millstone)
the river is crossed by few bridges
the university owns most of the riverfront on both sides
there is a canal parallel to the river
you can rent canoes in summer
princeton is a university town without many bars
it has no scene to speak of
the campus is big and leafy
it blends modern and very old well
one building has cannon damage in it's facade from the revolutionary war
we lost a giant maple to old age recently
it was huge and much celebrated
behind the university the town starts
it rolls down into a slight valley on it's way toward the sourland mountains (scarcely hills to you western types)
all of the old growth is gone
we have mature regrowth
to the south west the land slopes down to the delaware river (broad and shallow here) to washington crossing (yes that one)
lot's of stone houses and old old woodframe (pre prairies style)
the land is post agrarian with evidence of once vast estates
clustered around the town are the and mansions of political and industrial families like cleveland, johnson etc.
some of the townships here have resisted the sprawl that is so common in the northeast by zoning 3+ acres for new construction
it seems rural
the soil is mostly red clay
we share philladelphia’s weather for the most part
4 seasons
We are one hour inland and on the windward side of the sourland mountains (relative to the sea)
there is a 2 stop extension to the northeast corridor transit line between princetown junction and princeton
it stops on the university
the university makes the culture here somewhat cosmopolitan
white_wave this place seems familiar. it reminds me of a place i visited long ago. i've never been there but it strangely feels like i have. 040307
nom never been there,
but nice description!
z a place you've never been that you visited? 040307
what's it to you?
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