nameless a friend needs a friend indeed 000117
jennifer but a friend with weed is better 000214
MollyCule Brian Molko is an asshole. He's the singer for Placebo, in case you didn't know. I met him after a show last April. He was extremely rude to me, presumably because I wasn't going to go shoot up and then fuck him. I did manage to get a picture, though. 000517
MollyGoLightly They did cute little glam dances in The Velvet Goldmine... 000517
flyingreddeath life is a placebo
a metaphor
and that's a simile
Brad Funkentelechy versus the Placebo Syndrome. Music for robots. 000517
funky bird FLashLiGHt!!!! 000517
Normative Pervirtu i never ever want to crash... gravity, no escaping 001104
Tybay fake fun

great band
freakizh everytime i raise i see you falling 010715
Espinacas evil dildo,
that is what i am.
not because i wanted to be,
not because i learned to be,
just because my hands arent strong.
psychobabe god i love this band 011210
silentbob never thought you'd fuck with my brain 020616
unhinged 'i have to get high before i go outside' 020616
jane see : velvet_goldmine 021203
Borealis tis a painful thought
no more sugar pills for ashley
hsg nocebo
Dr. Wayne Dyer & Dr. Bruce Lipton, Pt.1

ergo I'm placebo sensitive, they work great for me, but I'm not a man of faith, my
faith is in doubt,I question everything,
so why do they work? Go figure.
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