sphinxradio so, in the morning it is dark now
and at night, even darker
and that's the way the earth orbits around the sun.
and something about the fall,
maybe the way the leafless trees bare themselves to the elements,
it makes me more impressionable, and sensitive to light.
whoknows astronomy.... i hate that class. im pretty sure i failed the test today. 011109
god astronomy_domine 041010
andru235 can you imagine how annoying it would be if someone was always walking around you in circles? you'd have to really, really, really like that person not to be annoyed, especially at night when you try to go and sleep

on the other hand if you are a star it is probably very flattering to have an entourage of satellites: asteroids, planets, gas giants, plasma glops, etc.

unless of course you are the star M5943; as everyone and their grandmother knows, M5943 prefers to not have satellites and that is why the civilization that lived on its planet 'Glaktaoire' blew the planet up with nukes
stork daddy but how to know which is orbiting which? 050308
andru235 why, you are right:

the universe orbits earth,
as does the sun

sucinrepoc loves you
stork daddy it's only to say there is no still reference point. relative motions.

it's funny how he could get over earth as center, but not circular orbits.
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