amy parties on the full moon in southern california. where one dances all night, through the sunrise, and then gazes around at the desert and the people dancing in it.

and the music sounds very...specific.
Q ever done it in Joshua Tree
or Anza Borrego?
t where you can stop swimming and not drown.
but you dont want to stop swimming.
r magical mystical home
i miss it...terribly
phil I want to put skulls in your dreams 020923
James Who are you? What is this I am reading about Moontribe? You seen to be some kind of mystical sprite with internet access.....Soon there will be a Moontribe inspired collective dancing in Anza Borrego and Joshua Tree....

wanna know more?????? ((((HUG)))

bye now
pipedream we shall all wear white and silver and stargaze in the light of a full moon. pagan godesses fulfilling ancient ritual. the moon fascinates me no end. 031024
ara Where is the gathering tonight NOv 8th???? 031108
Piso Mojado the sun dawned on a new world.

my life is not so bleak
(i have a right to be, to exist as i am, to be my self)

there are amazing people and ideas that i have just begun to meet. (there is more than where i am right now)

i am happy
mam People slip on you everyday, but you are right, you have the right to exist as you are
yes, be happy of your existence

Ouroboros tonight tonight! 070303
Ouroboros family 081014
what's it to you?
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