Zsiga who are you mysterious man that haunts me? you seem to have emerged from the depths of sea and stolen my sanity. i become weak and imagine your smile lighting up my world. i want your eyes buring holes in my brain with their intensity. i want your spikey light brown hair to make me bleed as it touches my skin. because there is endless pleasure to be found in this agony. the agony of miles that separate us. oceans that make us not so far apart. there is a west coast highway that leads from my door to yours. i must find the key to unlock it and to find a way to unravel the mystery of you. a healthy face and perhaps a healing mind. i will need to know for sure, and i hope that all will be revealed to me as we meet upon the shore. you will be no longer a book of questions but of answers. and more questions as i delve into your body for exploration. this is what i crave and now i am full. 040608
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