lady lunchbox he's my italian stallion.
he's the person who has the other half of my brain.
he's a movie buff who's crazy about kevin smith.
he falls alsleep all the time.
he tickles my back without complaining.
sometimes he's a bad boy.
he takes beautiful photographs of his ex-girlfriends, but the ones of naked strangers are the best.
he's my lover and my best friend.
he doesn't love me, but i'm going to do everything in my power to get him to.
lady lunchbox i guess he did love me, he just hadn't realized it yet. :) 020111
Lorenzo He broke Lady Lunchbox's Heart with his stupidity and condemnation for the feelings that he really had in his heart. Sometimes life is so scary that I just want to run away, and I do it time and time again, looks like this time I hurt someone that I loved. 040314
kelli dammit, stop running.

i'll be everything you need...just give me the chance.
kelli please_talk_to_me 040318
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