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dosquatch Oh. Wow. How shocking. I mean, cross dressing and role reversal? Oh me oh my, this just throws my moral compass all in a tizzy. I would never dream that such things happen here on my pristine, conservative, as envisioned by God planet Earth.

Rally, rally people. Get out your pitchforks and tiki_torches, we must burn the witches at the stake.

Think of the children.

Alrighty, is it all out of your system now?

Good boy. Run along now, I hear your mama calling.
Question man Witches are harmless, torch your self. 070806
Question man conservative_corruption 070806
. . 070806
dosquatch I'm sorry, was the sarcasm too sublte? I was using something in the cinderblock range. Maybe I should've been using truck sized sarcasm instead. 070806
gja yells One confidant suggested surgery. A little bit extreme I thought for a (possibly)passing childhood trait.

Others tell me the webbing stretches; and, *normal* pronunciation is possible.

Either way, it seems to me, I couldnt love him more.

When he says frough rather than through my legs go to water.

hooray for lisps!!
jac I have trouble talking to someone with a lisp. It's hard for me to take them seriously. :/ 071227
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