grendel old school punk aesthetics
before the days of extra-ultra-hold hair gel and mousse

you take a mix of egg whites and elmers glue and a bit of dish soap.

don't use too much egg
or it will smell funny if it gets too warm

too much elmers and it'll be a bitch to get out

too much soap and it'll start breaking down as soon as you break a sweat...and sting your eyes if any gets in.

Koolaid mix for colour if you've light-coloured hair

work it in well and tease and pull up and from the scalp in the desired thickness, tapering to a spiked tip

if your hair is too long and you go multidirectional, you will piss off the people in the crowd who are trying to see the band...this may be your goal, pissing people off can be fun, but if we wanted people with big hair hanging about making trouble, we'd go to a metal show

(my personal thoughts circa 1987)
stan oh,...and i read the recipe for liberty spikes...Yikes!! 000804
grendel can also be done without the eggwhites

but only in cooler weather and only if they're just to show off...

best to use the eggwhites...the egg protein is good for your hair too
pat sajak outbursts of liberty as charted on a graph 011116
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