amy something so good it would be hard to imagine it be true.

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eklektic she called me on the phone while she was in the car with her boyfriend and her boyfriends cousin. she said that he was cute and they were bringing him over to hang out for a while. i said ok and ran upstairs to take a shower, because i hadn't yet. they arrived and i saw them walking up the driveway, but i couldn't really make out the appearance of the cousin. so when they came in the house and the cousin emerged from the doorway, i stood in total shock and awe - because it was kevin lewis from camp. me and some friends of mine would always freak out when he'd walk into a room at camp because he was so fine. and now he was standing in my kitchen, afraid of my dog. i couldn't believe it. i almost died. and then, when he left the room, i held my friend back and explained to her how we had obsessed over him for one week every summer for the past three summers, and now, he was in my kitchen. 020731
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