amy The Rainbow Lantern It's August. A teenager named Conwell Reader went on a ship to England. On this ship every year, they drift slowly in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It happens so that Conwell is on that trip. When the ship finally drifted slowly, Conwell went for a swim. When the ship went faster it left poor Conwell. Conwell swam 2 miles until he got to an abandoned island. He went ashore and started digging for clams when he found a lantern. The lantern started speaking and said, "You have found me. When you want me to light up, I will blink a color. You have to say these following words: I, Conwell Reader, want this magical lantern to light up blue, yellow , orange, green, or purple. You have a choice. Once you say one it will light up that color. He tried the lantern out. He picked green. It worked! The lantern was successful! Conwell was so happy he wanted to try again. He picked red. It worked again and again until he picked all the colors of a rainbow. Ten years passed by. The lantern was getting old. Now he did not speak. Conwell still had fun even though the colors weren't as bright and then he just wore it out. First the colors were dim and then they went out. He was very sad and buried the lantern. The next ship arrived. Conwell got on it and went home peacefully. 991219
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