lizardqueen i stood upon the waters edge
to wait for him on hand and knee
and watched my only god drift by
on sailing ships id come to see
kuleilani my knee hurts 010803
nanny it's the weather, i swear to you. since that fatal afternoon when i went flying off my 3-speed bicycle while riding down the terraces in front of my elementary school. i broke my arm, and dislocated my knee.. and right now.. it really really really hurts 011114
splinken i was playing in a tree when i was 5, and i fell right onto the pointy spot where a branch had been broken off. there is a slick little scar on my left knee. 030321
thieums Without knees, we'd have some trouble to walk. 040413
whisper wear knee pads they make you bounce 040414
Zsiga your knee gives me misery. i could love you even if your knee was missing, or fake. i wouldn't leave you for the lack of knee normality. life was about hikes in the sunshine before the knee happened. i kiss your knee and pray for your knee on my knees. i want you to have no pain. i will be your knee whenever your knee needs me. 040414
devilbunny Dammit, my knee hurts and I don't know why.

Stupid knee.
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