typhoid katsup, catsup, or ketchup? or kechap or catchup? 000506
silentbob Ketchup. Definately Ketchup.
Heinz especially. mmmm
valis what is this, some kind of commie board?
that's KETCHUP on this side of the mason-dixon, you varmint ...
Shannon Wow, you want to find what the "other" brand is, and...

HEINZ is the best! But I still like mustard better.
chanaka can be green 010119
twiggie i think the green kind is evil. 010119
tourist Ever go through a drive through burger joint ( any of them- they are all the same) and order something (it doesn't matter what) with frys?
You pull up to the window and they ask if you want Ketchup? If you say Yes, They'll toss in so many packets that you can't see your order anymore.
What in the Hell do they think you're going to do whith all that stuff? One packet per french fry? Seems kind of excessive, But it might just be me.
doctor cliff sometimes, when i'm at a restaurant, and i suck the ketchup out of the foil pack, it hurts my teeth.
my favorite restaurant's ketchup is all of them.
hot ketchup doesn't come in restaurants; it comes in a bottle. it tastes like ketchup but hot.
i have also had green ketchup; it tastes like ketchup.
nocturnal what I wanna know is, how the hell do people think this is how you spell it? can you read? ketchup. sound it out, it's ketchup dammit!!! 010410
Foxfur I could swear it used to be spelled kichup... 020713
what's it to you?
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