Bizzar She cries out in anguish,
-her tongue, with lies, entwined.
Though her heart bleeds
no more than yours or mine.
But those screams that tend to ring
in the back of her empty mind,
never seem to fade or echo.
Her reality's not as kind.
She's runnin' only on fumes.
She's asked for this from the start,
with those filthy things she speaks of
and the lies tucked inside her heart.
Condemned to only yesterday,
wandering about inside her brain.
Keft open to the demons,
there she will remain.
somebody somewhere wow.
let me say it again.
been a while, bizaar. good to see you back.
somebody somewhere or maybe i'm just a git and haven't seen your posts recently. forgive. 031114
Bizzar No. You're right. It has been a while. I have been so far out of reach with myself, I haven't been able to write anything in like a month. But... a night of some heavy smokin was all I needed to get those creative juices flowin!

Thank you for the props.

Bizzar BTW I just noticed that beautiful typo:

Keft = Left.
what's it to you?
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