Barrett In my hour of need
Heh, no you're not there.
And though I reach out for you...
wouldn't lend a hand.
And through my darkest hour...
grace did not shine on me.
Feels so cold...
very cold no one cares for me.

Did you ever think
I get lonely?
Did you ever think
That I needed love?
Did you ever think?
Stop thinking,
you're the only one that I'm thinking of!

You'll never know,
How hard I've tried,
To find my space and satisfy you too.

Things will be better...
When I'm dead and gone!
Don't try to understand,
Knowing you...
I'm probably wrong.

But, oh. How I live my life for you...
Till you turn away.
Now! as I die for you...
My flesh still crawls
as I breath your name.

All these years...
I thought I was wrong.
Now I know it was you!

You just laughed!
Ha Ha! Bitch!
Barrett By the way Bobby, Megadeth wrote that. 001014
silentbob i remember reading that and thinking i wonder who wrote that. then i read the next entry and i think.... i think i tried to say something and i think...i think my computer crashed 001121
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