endless desire i just can't believe
i was freshman in high school
when i started out on these pages.

now im a sophomore in college
and i live in my own apartment
and have my own life
and a wonderful boyfriend
and i never have to sleep alone.

i look at everything i wrote
and just can't help but feel like
im not that little girl anymore.
ive seen way too much crazy shit
to even understand who i was then.
i hope that's normal.
Lemon_Soda Sounds normal to me.

People change. When shown who they were, they can't identify because its not who they are. Just like we can't identify with who we will be, if it was ever shown to us.
nineteen is almost twenty well.
I was a freshman in highschool when I started writing on blather, as well. I am not much of what I used to be. I am pregnant with a blatherskite's baby, living in a two bedroom duplex in downtown Tucson. Things change.
endless desire oh so you finally got out of hawaii? 061020
unhinged but you made me feel like one

what's it to you?
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