ungreat So I was on the nest and everywhere i clicked there was this link for a predictor of when one would most likely be fertile. Looks like I hit the nail on the head there... The weirdest thing is is that I love him so much I just fear he won't be a great dad. I fear I'm going to be a terrible mother. I fear I'm going to actually bring a new little person into the world. I've got to be totally insane. I know I'm going to cry in ten days no matter what happens. I can't even tell him. Instead I'm being totally needy to reassure myself that everything is going to be ok. I hope that this was all a silly thing to be so stressed over in a few weeks but the smarter half of my brain says I'm fucked. 091112
minnesota_chris I think all children were born from a mom in this much anguish. 091112
minnesota_chris teenaged young women walking around, looking like they're just waiting for a chance to pop out a baby, drawing stares from older men and glares from the older women 100102
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