sphinxradio maybe it would be a better sort of characteristic if the word were in fact a palindrome.

it's not, of course. it's just frustrating.

i can't help but run sometimes. i don't know what else to do. around you i'm so lost for words, and when i don't know what to say, i leave.
sahba hmm
you know what
this is the word ive been looking for
my entire life has been an evasive history sucking pile of crap. everytime i think i have it by the throat it slips away always
inches apart but years away never ending only feeling the pain inside the questions to which shall never be answered
yeah thats it
my "evasive life"
concha such a trap to fall into that it's mostly impossible to fall out of.

kung fu fighters embody the notion, striking madly but never connecting
in that satisfying hard compact manner that we've become so accustomed to on western television

my hands shake because this is the same connection i make with you.
entirely uncomplete, dancing like fire that never consumes
what's it to you?
who go