Q Even people who are mentally healthy become depressed occasionally, and most people who suffer from depression have happy times. The trick is to maximize the happy times for both types, preferably without the use of exogenous, mind-altering drugs like alcohol, nicotine, tetrahydrocannabinol, Prozac and E or the like. (Of necessity, I'll make an exception for caffeine from coffee and theophylline from tea.)

I prefer the endorphins that my own brain can be induced to produce by a bit of vigorous exercise, anytime and anyplace, day or night. These are by far the most powerful, safest and least costly antidepressants.

Although a joint or two, or a glass or two of merlot, and often espresso with good company helps too.
misaligned i petted one once at a show in Sea World. It was slimy, but it made me so happy. odd as i was and am today i made excuses to put my hand near my nose all day until my mother spanked my bottom with a colorful themepark map and told me to wash my hands. 020205
skinny ups and downs. they seperate me and make me who i am. chemical imbalance i cant live without, a universe of individual loneliness, sparking thoughts and free visions 040620
postal fish i just want to feel good and unagitated
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