squid Been born into your world and watched it all decay
In the name of your god and his impotent messiah we were never saved
2000 years you've had now and this is all you do
We've suffered all your shit and now we'll spit it back at you
all the suffering, all the wars and shame
we'll swallow it all up
and spit it back at you again
Stop, think it's impossible, all the time bombs are screaming to explode
the spell is broken and none of the pieces fit
It's your move we are all playing out the end - out the endgame

And retaliate, obliterate, devastate, degenerate, speculate and planet rape and burn the world

It's your move, it's impossible flesh and bones and blood are screaming to explode
the spell is broken and you know what it is to be a victim
Smile - it's your turn playing out the endgame evolved into a cancer that pulls the trigger for the answer
dead pig nope even with no hope blaze away or die your time is due
there are strange entities swimming in the air helping you, helping those around you help to KILL you don't fall asleep at the wheel
his neck was broken
angelita HAMM: Scoundrel! Why did you engender me?
NAGG: I didn't know.
HAMM: What? What didn't you know?
NAGG: That it'd be you.
minnesota_chris is stalemate. No victory, no defeat, just prolonged existence, and using up resources. 040425
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