the wolf is my realm

this is my world
where i rule
yet i am not happy
i would have a world
of peace
and happiness
but that is not for me

even if that world existed
i could never live there

i am for this world
this world is for me

i am god here
yet i would destroy it

knowing full well that
it would kill me to do so

i will kill myself
epitome random It's dystopia... the world is messed up because ppl. can't spell. Ha ha ha... ppl. If I admit that I'm a hypocrite, does that mean I'm not a hypocrite anymore? 051216
anne-girl nope. 051216
phil Accusing someone of mispelling when you are a mispeller yourself, does not make you a hypocrite.

If you told someone that you misspell words on purpose. That would make you a hypocrite.

Pointing out someone's spelling errors is a good thing to do.

Hypocrisy is not believing what you profess to believe. Such as reluctant gay bashing. Or calling yourself a witch, it has often been confusing.

You are gay, just get over it. Go out with the next guy you see do all the sweaty hot stuff that "those" dreams are about.
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