or should I change Well I'm off to Boy Scout camp next week... if I were Eagle Scout I wouldn't be going, but I'm not, so I must... I should have been Eagle 2 years ago, but there is this man on the troop commitee who works against me... It's something I'll never understand... A 50 year old man envious of a 14 year old boy because he knows the boy will have a better life than he has...
Boy Scouts sends a really odd message... they have a policy of completely and totally ignoring sexuality... it kept things clean... but as the world becomes a place charged with issues assosiated w/ sexuality at a younger and younger age, scouts has broken it's pact... something i once truly respected about them, the ablity to be a safe haven from the surrounding realities... The boy scouts have adopted an anti gay policy... which sorta makes sense... unfortunately they've lost some of their respectablity and some of their pious authority... a majority of religions recognized by the boy scouts do not have problems with gays and lesbians... and the boy scouts are often sponsered by organizations... one such organization is hooters... ;) sure that's a non sexually orriented organization...
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