ClairE At first I forbade it, when my voice was high and strong as the wind.

"You're both blather_people," Annie explained upon meeting him.

"It's unbelievable that we both found someone on blather," Sass exclaimed, her voice full of joy.

My mind was in the sunlight.

I write you love letters with every thought.
DannyH a_match_made_in_blather 020531
Mahayana It Began with: silent_storm
and in 25 days we begin our life together

[ill always contemplate on blather with high reverence, if only for this one reason, it is a fine reason indeed]
mahayana Tomorrow: Feb, 03, 2009
we will have been a Blather couple for 7 years running now.

Yes indeed we are a blather couple that sees each others blather moments first hand before being etched into the blue underground.

As far as I am concerned ... this Blather experiment has gone swimmingly well.
Ouroboros wow! hooray! 090202
oren This_is_good. 090202
unhinged blather_baby 090202
meta meta 090203
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