typhoid where's that story..
well, today dave and i took the bus up to tilden park with backpacks with the idea of filling them with sand from the lake (it has a man made beach) and bringing it back to my room.. so we get up there fine, fill the bags with sand and just sit and watch the lake for a while.. nice, surrounded by all sorts of green, playing kids, birds yayaya. niceness.. dave meditates, i relax myself. anyway we get up to leave, and i see that i my bag has torn a hole. hmm... doesnt seem these little bags are supposed to be filled with 40+ pounds of sand ;) so we put it down and try to patch it up, which doesnt work, so i get to carry this thing like a mile to the bustop, uphill, which is totally exhausting, through poison oak (well, around it, but it was in the way), the bus driver harasses dave for not having shoes, says its dangerous, (to who, dave or the busdriver?) and me for not having my little id sticker up to date (its from the fall...) but we make it back down after a few hours.. so thats where the beach in my room came from ;) i'll get plants and stuff tomorrow to put around it..
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