REAListic optimIST attatchment is the backend of a clear process, a chunking fo the fluid flow. once a chunk is formed, it loses the infinitely malleable quality which makes the presence of now so powerful.

some people transcend attatchement without retaining compassion. you know the crowd, defined by the nin lyric: "nothing can stop me now, cuz i don't care anymore." in doing so, they have still managed to chunk themselves off from the evermorphing wonder that is consentual_reality they are ultimately malleable, yet allow no one to influence them, causing them to grow cold, hard, calloused, and to live within an exoskeleton.

some people endeavor to retain infinite and unconditional love and unbearable compassion while shedding attatchment. so far, i've yet to puzzle out how to attain this shangri-la state. however, it appears to be the most powerful by far.
on the road agreed.

except for the spelling. actually it feels nice in my mouth to say it like that keeping the extra t not silent ;)
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REAListic optimIST yeah, my grandmother was kind enough to point out my spelling error as well. i think i prefer it to be spelled with three t's, however my name's not webster so it's not my decision to make, all opinoins aside. 050731
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