burden She's a slippery one. Very fluctuant. One way or the other would be nice, but I fear the way that it would be. God, she's so wow. I am the punter. Is it a feeling of obligation? What drives Venus? 010513
yoink ta Kruschev 010513
burden Just once, I would like to come home and feel a sense of gratification. She makes me afraid. I hold her as a metaphor. I don't want to be there tomorrow. I don't want to see her. I don't want to see me seeing her. I don't want to have another tooth kicked out.

But I do.

At least the gutter is populous.
burden So she liked the candle and the card, enough to talk about it to other people with apparent enthusiasm. What does it mean? I didn't get to see her yesterday. Me sad. 010528
yoink the female did inquire about that young man, but she was with pedro most times. i wanted to find her to have her buy me something, but it was too late 010528
burden Damn Italian kids. 010528
wowie your a real LEMON !
you BaBy FAcE,
you Have So Much PRiDE,
it's A con...
he he
I saw this amazing coat once,
Berlin in a Taxi
Wowie Bowie theres an Island too !
what's it to you?
who go