stork daddy but they can touch you. 050617
ever dumbening i'm going museum hopping this weekend; i'll keep that in mind. 050617
nomme) they might bite 050617
kidblink such a good observation--what makes grown people think they can just carelessly run their hands along some piece of artwork? this action belies a certain lack of a capacity for social awareness. like people who want to take pictures of/in front of/ with famous art work. buy yourself a reprint, people! your pictures are never gonna do it justice! 050617
pobodys nerfect Back when i was in highschool,my art class took a trip to the national art gallery.
In it,there was a painting by Lawren Harris--one of my all-time favourite painters. I sat there,in awe of it...
It was so peaceful and calming, and i didn't want to leave the room. At one point,without thinking,i went over and reached out to touch it. I reminded myself, "stop,you can't do that!" just in time. *blush*
sab dont touch the exhbitiors.

i'll touch your heart he said
and i couldnt tell if it was a threat or a promise
you already have, i didnt say back
and i got off the bus
what's it to you?
who go