Piso Mojado *in love with who she was
*why am i doing this?
*why cant i force myself to do this
because i dont see its importance
*sanctification of time
*tarin: i have never figured out how to express how i love you to you. but you know. touching my quietly to stop my fidgeting.
*i am so conscious of your presense your actions, the words you say and dont say. your pasues,
it only matters to me
*upset our balanc (you)-(not included in our)
unhinged at an ivet show at the nyabinghi
sitting in the back on an old barber chair
i wrote a somewhat scathing poem on a napkin
ended up in the front bar
sitting at the end of the bar near the pool table
and the hallway to the back, the stage
he stole it from me
threatening to take it and keep it
i wouldn't let him because i thought it was a good one
and wanted to copy it down into my journal
he made fun of me for making multiple copies
of my writing
but eventually gave it back
in retrospect
the fact that one of my lyrical heroes wanted to keep a poem i wrote on a bar napkin
is pretty damn flattering
i should have let him keep it

what's it to you?
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