Doar Is Real Lonely Right Now caught in traffic?

evading escaped mental patients with a penchant for sewing machines?

hearing your phone beep after watching "The Ring"?

Wearing white sneakers to a mud wrestling match?

Discussing new and important ways to have discussions?

Where? Tell me now dammit!!
Death of a Rose oh, wait a second. i think i found them. nevermind. carryon with your regularly scheduled blathe.

Doar blather is in a coma 050727
Doar don't worry. jane flashed blather and revived it.

*whew...that was a close one jane*
Ptolemy DCLVIII Where everyone is. 060201
intrigued everyone is WHERE?! 060201
oren This_is the beginning of one of those infamous blatherlulls. However, it's too early to tell if this_one will be considered "The Great Blatherlull Of 2006." 060202
meta meta 060202
Freak aparently in the same ocean at the same time 060202
irasiemyhandagainstitall what the fuck.

theres 7 billion people on this globe.

300 million of them are in my country.

15,000 of them live within a 10 mile radius of me. maybe even more.

and yet i cant find a single girl who i actually like, and one who likes me back.

maybe i just dont look hard enough.
pete don't look too hard. what comes will come. what doesn't, well it didn't. we all live in our own bubbles, in a multiplicity of existence. breathe and live. love is it's own beast. 061127
no reason i'd like to know

sometimes my wants contradict themselves
what's it to you?
who go