whitechocolatewalrus what is a cell phone? 040204
walrus it's a shovel. the hell if i know what a shovel is. 040204
walrie a shovel is a microwave. if you're holding one of those old cell phones that are about as big as a small dog, you could say, "can you make me some hot pockets in that microwave you're holding next to your ear?" 040204
walrus but before the shovel/microwave/cellphone existed,
it was a freezer.
one day the freezer broke
the sun came out and everything inside heated up and expanded
a shovel was needed to remove the contents but it got stuck in the mess. over the millions of years that it sat there unused, it shrunk to an unusually small size for a freezer
some crazy person came and picked it up
he was unable to decipher what it was so he put it to his ear and began to talk.
interestingly enough, someone actually answered him.
walrie the conversation went like this

"what the hell is this thing?"

"stop fucking yelling in my ear! it's a freezer"
"what's a freezer?"
"dammit, don't you know anything? a freezer is a microwave and a microwave is a shovel and we talk into it because it makes us look like dumbasses"
"oh, that clears it all up"
whitechocolatewalrus what is me?
what is life?
what is?
what is gone?
walrie what is clear_plastic? 040215
nonlucid not what_if 040702
Q & A What is what_is?
What what_is is.
hsg thank_you for this

moment um... let's

gro w it,h appen essenti

ally all i really needed
what's it to you?
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