setsuna meiou there once were two little girls, roughly the same age, and they got lost in the middle of deep woods.
each knew not of the other girl, and they wandered in and around the forest for many years.
after so long in nothingness, they each relegated themselves to never being found and never leaving the forest.
they lived for many years, never attempting an escape and never thinking of the world outside, save for in dreams.
one particularly dark and lonely night, they each decided to resume their search for home.
after several hours of wandering there shone a bright and brilliant light ahead. So overcome with emotion that this is finally the way home, the girls ran forward, and, surprisingly into each others arms.
the light they had each seen ahead of them was the flashlight that the other one had carried.
So they stayed.
hahaha I hope they get eaten by bears 000106
Miner I often wander alone, through the depths of my mind and imagination, how I love the feeling of getting lost deep within the expanses of my own inner self. 010504
pete it's been so long. 071206
case amnesia at its best 091209
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