Zippo You are standing in a desert.
A man approaches you with three boxes.
He opens the first. It contains the head of your mother.
He opens the second. In it is the head of the person you love most.
He opens the third. It is empty. He tells you it will hold the head of your next dearest relative. (Son, daughter, niece, father, brother, whoever).
Then he hands you a gun with one bullet. Who do you shoot? The man, or yourself?
blown cherry What do the choices become if it's you own head in the second box?

"love most" is such an ill-defined term, and as for the word 'love' itself, that has as many or more applications as as word such as 'stuff' or 'thing', or
Syrope if a guy walked up to me with a box with my mothers head in it i'd pay him tons of money and probably want to have his kid. then if he had the head of the person i 'love most' (at the moment, mind you) in the second this guy's good. anyone have his phone number? i'm tired of waiting 020315
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