etoiles we're going to move to vienna and live in a little flat one day, the old sort with a fireplace and hardwood floors, with a balcony and big french windows to open up in the morning and leave at night. just a typewriter and a bed, maybe a radio - i want to live an anachronism with him, when things were simple (my romantic perception of the past hinders my ability to move on). the sort of flat where it's cold all the time and where you have an old typewriter with the ink ribbon and you smoke cigarettes, except they're the hand-rolled kind. and drink warm wine. where we could sleep outside on the balcony and look at the sky and think about all the people before us. 030901
cheetah how come there is actually a vienna that you can click on, but no hometown? 031223
no reason has strong november winds and snow and friendly people who mostly don't speak english and art and music and life oh my
i like it here already
what's it to you?
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