pSyche You thought you were
but you were not
With your eyes shut so tightly
We could not get through
Such long black bars
so we knocked
and we knocked
"Let us in"
But you wouldn't see to it
You kept everything so tight
all locked up
anything to hide your secrets
knotted ropes
holes in the yard
those lidded eyes
And a mural behind
You saw what we did not see
But you did not see what we saw
I will remember last I saw you
It was in the spring
When the kings were in the garden
With their orange robes
You the blind boy
With your stick
your crutch
I called your name
and you fell
fell and fell into your hole
you'd dug it with your own black hands

you cried nothing
as you fell
silence all around
where are you?
And for a moment
The dark shelter of glasses gone
And you ope'
and you open
and you opened your eyes and

Mother always said you were her favorite flower
But even the most beautiful
Will have its end.
what's it to you?
who go