sphinxradio so you and i are blossoming 011226
girl_jane 'accidentally' knocking over the pile of your laundry at the laundry mat just so you have to stay longer to re-fold them.

that means I can look at you longer

that means I'll have a better day.
Mistress Q Winter wold, as you unfold. I gingrely peel away your layers.
Softly strip you of your coats. I steal a glimpse of the divine.
All the while, your cocoon I untwine. I thank my maker for the
incomparable creation that is you. Now all your layers have gone
astrew. And for the first time, I really see you. And I know
everything's true. And I know that if I died right now it would
have all been worthwhile. I havefound a little piece of you that is
mine to hold. Unforunately, night grows day and we must prepare
ourselves for all that it brings. But this night will forever
hold a place in my heart. I will never forget the night you first
escaped you cocoon, eternally freeing yourself from it's constricting
shackles. Winter wold, as you unfold.
In_Bloom The mystery box is just paper
Origami past present and hypothetical futures
You could burn it if you please
If it doesn't please you
Or you could carefully unfold
Read from all directions
Do you see me?
hsg possibilities 081101
what's it to you?
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