MollyGoLightly getting younger and stronger by the minute.

what a healthy, corn-fed little sprite am i.

woot and woot again. double-time.
silentbob Why would you want me
when there's so many better things to look at like the leves falling on a closed hotel pool or the snow blowing through the broken window that you dad doesn't know about yet cause you put your cure poster over it.

Why would you want me
When the only thing i can offer you is the appreciation of those little idiosynchracies that you have. i can only offer you writing, i can only offer you love.
Why would you want that anyway?
is it because you want to feel or maybe because you want some one else to do all the feeling for you....i feel enough for the both of us.
And for me it isn't enough. Because i thrive on your attention
while you thrive on something you can't even see.

This over-analyzing crap is disgusting.
may I live like you Damn I wish and thrive for your body and mind. keep talking down to me. face-down on the floor. I Love it when its rough, and I love it when you love me more. Please say it like you mean it?
I will try to keep awake, so I can tell the truth over the phone.
what's it to you?
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