Jack attractive in bathing suits but only on attractive women; my science teacher wears them. 031121
smurfus rex why you lookin at your science teacher's ass? 031121
endless desire that's strange. i mean, that you look at your science teacher's rear side.

i really enjoy thongs. regular underwear is just too much. it feels bunchy and gross and i dont like it. i dont want to be wearing two pairs of pants. i used to hate thongs but once i hadn't done my laundry in a while so i had to wear them and i never looked back after that. when im around the house though, and in pajamas, i wear regular old fashion underwear.
ivyducktwilightseto Attracted
Not sure why
Simple fact of knowing
Is enough to get me going
Stare and stare
At their skimpy underwear
Can't look away
Can't turn around
Slapped in the face
Damn you thongs

I was fairly weirded out when I found myself staring at my cousin's thong, hanging out of her pants. Damn you women and your sex appeal. Honestly, I don't see why I'm so attracted to a little V of fabric sticking out the back of a women's pants. Something I try to get away from, but just keep returning home to.
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