squint its magical.

so in the blathe about...jokes so funnythey made me cry...or something, someone mentions how they've been playing with the Go button for a week. So I thought "what a wonderful idea" and I clicked it, and I was planning on writing this "the_go_button" blathe, saying "what a wonderful idea" and then up comes
kasha_kookies , where this girl goes "what a wonderful idea" and AAAAAAAAAAH.

ok, fine, no big deal. But it was still kinda cool, right?

time to play with the go button some more.
IKC 56-80 me_too

(mee_two , me_to , me2 )
Photophobe mew_two 020803
IKC 56-80 toward the bottom of each blathe

find it.
use it.
love it.
girl_jane What I use the nights I want to see something new and how I got to most of the pages I've blathed on... 020803
andru235 hooray! who doesn't love the go button? (inevitably there will be someone)

hooray for previously unnoticed_blather!

hooray for taking ganders!

birdmad serendipitous introspection

almost every time i've hit the button today, some little nugget from that hilariously bitter miasma of time that i like to call "2002 through 2004" crops up

were that period of time to be evaluated by Bugs Bunny, he woiuld most certainly have proclaimed me a Maroon

deliuded though i was, i felt more like "wile_e_coyote - super genius"

but hey, if you can't laught at yourself, who can you laugh at?

i get the joke now.
j iyou 070723
go 070723
what's it to you?
who go