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Official Blames Iraq Abuse on Lower Ranks

Fri Jun 25, 7:26 PM ET

CLEVELAND - The Pentagon's inspector general, following an eight-day trip to Iraq, said on Friday that abuse at the Abu Ghraib prison appeared to be the fault of a few soldiers he called "bad eggs."
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- Iraqi prisoners were abused for fun, court hears - at The Scotsman. (Aug 4, 2004)
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6 August 2004 England Lawyer Asks to Call Top Commander

2 minutes ago
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6 August 2004 Abu Ghraib whistleblower testifies

Moral call made in turning in colleagues
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FORT BRAGG, United States (AFP) - US Army Private Lynndie England, photographed holding a leash tied to the neck of a naked Iraqi detainee, claimed she was commended for humiliating prisoners at Abu Ghraib jail, according to Army investigators.

US soldier in Iraqi abuse probe said she was commended for 'good job'
somebody Reservist Says Intelligence Led Iraq Abuse

An Army reservist who saw naked detainees being humiliated at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq says military intelligence officials led and directed the abuse.
8 August 2004 Judge to Mull England Defense Witnesses

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The pretrial hearing for a soldier photographed with naked Iraqi prisoners recessed Saturday without a ruling on whether Vice President Dick Cheney and other high-ranking administration officials must testify and
without the photos being accepted into evidence
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Sunday, August 29, 2004

"... now the country faces a frightening inversion of the problem. Though there is strong evidence of faulty and even criminal behavior by senior military commanders and members of President Bush's cabinet in the handling of foreign detainees, neither Congress nor the justice system is taking adequate steps to hold those officials accountable."
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Pentagon Report Clears
Top Officers in Iraq Prison Abuse
Google News Abu Ghraib, whitewashed again International Herald Tribune 050311
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