birdmad Possibly one of the kings of Asia Minor.

Was, according to myth, a favorite of Zeus and the only mortal man ever allowed to feast with the gods on Olympus

Differing versions of the myth tell different stories of how he fucked_up

He gossiped to men about the affairs of the gods, he stole ambrosia and tried to share it with other mortals or that he returned the favor, inviting the gods to his home and testing them by killing his son Pelops and serving him to them in a stew to see if any knew what he had done

Zeus, angry, destroyed Tantalus' kingdom and hurled him into Tartarus (underworld) where his punishment was to be kept in a pool of water, a very large heavy rock dangling over his head and food just out of his reach

He cannot reach for the food nor lean down to drink the water,

they remain forever in sight but out of reach

and this is where we get the word "tantalize"

that, as Fyn and the boys from Robin_hill described so cleverly is

and now... dirty_centaurs
fyngula very well done, birdmad. 030209
grendel thanks, fyn

my insomniac brain is firing at random and having re-read it, it just seems lacking somehow especially in relation to these latest chapters of yours that i was thematically connecting it to

your stuff just seems to keep getting better and better...keep it up
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