klairchen I can't cry.
I can't sing.
I can't look at you the way I used to.

Everytime I leave your presence I feel stranded.
You strip the life out of me.

It's my fault for loving you so.
psycho babe what does stranded really mean? to me it is stuck here in this little pathetic excuse of a town with no where to go.............
stuck with my "parents" where I try to isolate myself inside my room trying to block out there crys of me being worthless.....
that could explain it alittle:-)
psychobabe memories 011101
rubydee inside my own mind

**um, help?**

no, nevermind, they've given me a cookie
kid andre I'd have more hope if I could find a bottle for my twelve page note. 050425
what's it to you?
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