jane's addiction - jane says
jefferson starship - jane
aerosmith - janie's got a gun
bobby darin - plain jane
brenaked ladies - jane
alanis morissette - mary jane
alicia keys - jane doe
rolling stones - lady jane
tom petty - mary jane's last dance
america - daisy jane
coolio - i'm in love with mary jane
nick drake - hazey jane
nick drake - the thoughts of mary jane
the vines - mary jane
hootie and the blowfish - hannah jane
stevie nicks - jane
cowboy junkies - sweet jane
velvet underground - sweet jane
larissa - i do both jay and jane
beverley knight - hurricane jane
combat wounded veteran - jane you ignorant slut

any more?
ghetto bird rick james - Mary Jane 030211
farmfish "i love jane's words" by me, i just made it up. 030211
silentbob ben_folds_five - jane

jane be jane, you're better that way
not when you're tryin imitatin
ya think ya saw
jane be jane
you're worried there might not be anything at all inside, that you're worried should tell you thats not right
dont try to see yourself the way that others do, theres no use
but its you life, you can decorate it how ya like
girl_jane I should find a lot of these songs... 030211
jane yay
these are almost all good songs
i guess it comes with that old fashioned jane quality
mcnova dave matthews - the song that jane likes 030322
phil Musik des Tages: Jocco Abendroth, die LP "Viel zu heiß" ... toller Song "Jane" 030622
phil Performed by Ben Folds Five. "Jane." 030622
crimson "Mary Jane" Janis Joplin

LaRissa "I Do Both Jay & Jane"

"Mary Jane" The Vines

Nick Cave "Crow Jane"
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