sphinxradio you need to learn to read between the lines. i don't really care what you think about her. i want to know what you think about me.

i need to learn to have simpler expectations, maybe. you can't have it all.
Jess Always seems more difficult to achieve 040513
god but i think it's possible 050214
Keegan You are the least complicated thing in my life.

It is much simpler to love you.
Soma She longed for simpler times
Before kissing women, men or boys
Fore ever trying to compete
Against obligations bittersweet

She longed for a swift return
To blissful ignorances embrace
Where neer concern or hurts
Or guilt of love perverse

She longed to hold her hand
As the worlds slate was wiped quite clean
And simply bask within the glow
Of her precious, faerie queen

But simpler times to me are lost
My colors age and dim
And all I feel I find here now
Are memories, wearing thin
what's it to you?
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